Bad Bunny at Truist Park

Bad Bunny Tickets

Truist Park | Atlanta, Georgia

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO MONDAY 8TH AUGUST 2022. Originally Tuesday 9th August 2022. All original tickets are still valid!

Bad Bunny is heading out for another SELL OUT tour, were not just being optimistic…tickets are flying out! The "Worlds hottest tour" is the most exciting rap tour on the road this year, the trap star is renowned for his work as a live act as well as his smash hit studio albums. Bad bunny the world famous star will be in your home town this year and it could be your only chance to witness this genius live on stage! Head along to the Atlanta show on Monday 8th August 2022 (Rescheduled from Tuesday 9th August 2022) at the legendary Truist Park. Grab your tickets today by selecting the 'get tickets' link above now!

Bad Bunny at Truist Park

Bad bunny isn't afraid to step outside the realms of mainstream trends and expectations, he's been on the scene a handful of years but is already a staple on the trap and reggaton scene, one of the biggest if not THE biggest latin rapper in the world. He's broken records and boundaries and comfortably uses his music as a medium to express his feelings towards important social, cultural, environmental and economic issues as well as those he has faced within his own life. Theres depth and narrative to his catchy hits and fans adore his fearless approach to everything he is confronted with.

Fans adore this exceptional artist, not just for his smash hit and platinum records but for his charisma, unique style and outspoken voice. After coming from humble beginnings, Bad bunny is able to resonate with everybody on a level that not many artists can, adding to his prominence on the world stage and in the music industry.

Bad bunny loyal fans are also adoring of his ability to perform live, not every artist can execute their hits as well live as they can in studio and this guy can do it by the dozen..the energy emitted throughout his concerts is like nothing else and part of the reason his tours are so HUGE and continually have SOLD OUT dates! The "Worlds hottest tour" will head to Atlanta on Tuesday 9th August 2022 and play at the outstanding and famous Truist Park, for tickets the big night, simple use the link you see above to purchase right away!

Bad Bunny at Truist Park

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