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2019 has certainly been a dramatic year for the Atlanta Braves and fans all over the country can’t wait to see what comes next for this historic team. Not only did the team clinch their second National League East Championship in a row, but they’ve also clinched their second spot in postseason play. Even with their upsetting defeat against the St. Louis Cardinals, real Braves fans are hopeful that the third time will be the charm for this well-loved team. Even now, sportswriters are watching the Braves see how they change their roster and lineup to get ready for the 2020 season. It’s anyone’s guesses what team manager Brian Snitker has in store for the Braves and Braves’ fans, but one thing for certain, the team has what it needs to make a strong splash in the coming season.

But if you want to catch the best baseball action for this popular team, then make sure that you order your tickets through this site. Not only can you get first dibs on the best seats at SunTrust Park, but you’ll be at the park to catch every moment of the excitement that waits for you as you watch the Braves defend their home field from all comers. You could be there to watch every home run, every strikeout, every stolen base and all the other action that even the most complete highlights reels might miss. Come and watch as your favorite veterans join up and coming hopefuls for the Braves 2020 season.

Atlanta Braves Tickets

What Do the Braves Need for the 2020 Season?

It might seem premature to think about how the National League East champions could improve for the coming season, but speculation is always fun for fans. So let’s take a moment to think about where the Braves are and what they’ll need to add to their roster. Some sportswriters say that all the Braves need is a catcher, but think about what happens if they fail to re-sign Josh Donaldson. The team will need a power hitter for the middle of the lineup slot. The team has value with battlers like Ronald Acuña Jr and Freddie Freeman starting the lineup. If they can keep Donaldson or add another power choice for the fifth spot, then they won’t have to rely on Dansby Swanson or Tyler Flowers who would serve better in other roles. Another way to think about the fifth slot is to have a cleanup hitter who can get players on bases to score points for the Braves. It’s also important to have someone in the role who can be an intimidating presence for pitchers, especially if their team is falling behind or is standing with bases loaded.

Some fans wonder whether Riley should remain on the team after his performance at the end of the season. Sportswriters believe that spring training may help him overcome the cold end to the year and that he’ll be a necessary part of Atlanta’s roster during the coming season.

Going back to the need for a catcher, consider how important a catcher is to a team’s defense. Not only do they have to keep their mitts up at all times so they can respond to the ebb and flow of the game, but they also have a view of all three bases so they can see if a player is attempting to steal. A solid play-caller with quick reaction time could help strengthen the Braves’ defense so they will have less to worry about in the 2020 season.

What do you think the Braves need to beat their postseason slump?

Atlanta Braves baseball tickets

The Best Parts of SunTrust Park

Every baseball park in the country has features that make them uniquely their own, but few parks have features that quite measure up to SunTrust Park. Here are a few of the things that you can enjoy when you come out to see the Braves’ home games.

The park features evergreen trees that can be seen below the video board. Inside the ballpark in the “batter’s eye,” area features three evergreen trees. These trees are in an area that includes boulders and a waterfall feature. This area also features green giant arborvitae that produces fast-growing evergreens that shoot up by as much as 3’ per year until maturity. This feature took inspiration from Coors Field which had a similar setup. Fans that check it out will be able to see a fountain that shoots streams of water as high as 50 ft in the air towards the main video board. The feature is used during game-presentations or to celebrate home runs and wins.

The park also features a foul ball protection netting that, while not as tall as similar netting at Turner Field, uses a stronger and thinner material. This new material creates a screen that is 31.5 feet high extending from behind the home plate to the far end of both dugouts. The thin material offers an answer to sightline issues while still providing ample protection to fans who like to watch the action from the batter’s side of things.

SunTrust Park also features a space in the main concourse behind home plate called Monument Garden. Space features highlights from Atlanta Braves’ history including audio, light, and water elements to add style to that walk through history. The intent was to work with A-R-T & Associates to create a visual baseball-centric experience for fans. The feature offers fans the chance to see original artwork from portraits to action shots as well as photography, oversized vintage baseball cards, and a popular LEGO brick mosaic. The garden also features memorabilia taken from the Ivan Allen Jr. Braves Museum & Hall of Fame at Turner Field. But the biggest part of Monument Garden is the statue of Hank Aaron that stands in front of a sculpture made of 755 baseball bats to honor Aaron’s home-run career total.

There’s more to see and love about SunTrust Park, so make sure you order your tickets while supplies last.